I love hearing clients talk about how therapy has led to positive change and lightbulb moments in their lives. Each client is different, and each therapy is different - tailored to the individual. But what unites them all is that they have all experienced breakthroughs, those moments of clarity which have led to happier, more fulfilled lives.

Rest assured that all testimonials sent to me may remain anonymous.

"I needed to find a LGBT friendly counsellor in my local area. Charlotte radiated warmth and understanding, making it easy to form a connection with her. I felt that I was heard and validated. If I come back to therapy in the future, I will definitely choose to see her again! Charlotte, thank you for your help."

"After my daughter finished her last session with Charlotte, I wanted to express our gratitude for the exceptional help she has received. Charlotte has a gentle and caring nature. You can see that she always had our daughter's best interests in mind. She created a peaceful atmosphere where she felt she could share everything without judgement."

"Charlotte was a valuable aid during a time when I needed an objective observer to listen and aid me in comprehending my life happenings. Almost anyone can benefit from therapy, and Charlotte is definitely someone I would recommend. Her approach is lovely, calm, and measured. Charlotte's assistance has enabled me to comprehend my emotions and gain a better understanding of the people around me, prompting me to consider their motivations as well as mine."

"This was my first experience with counselling. Charlotte has a calm, understanding, empathetic nature and I never felt that she took sides. She supported us to move beyond our issues and I felt safe sharing things with her. Charlotte is someone I would highly recommend for any person seeking relationship counselling."

"The stress of many transitions and big decisions in my life right now would have been too much without Charlotte's support. She is supportive of me by encouraging me to look at things differently, work on myself, and provide gentle support for the people around me. I appreciate her honesty, humour and insight. It's important to find a therapist who I can be myself with.

"Charlotte is both kind and easy to talk to. She has a professional attitude and provides excellent suggestions on how to approach difficult situations. She identifies connections I hadn't previously considered, which is extremely valuable in moving forward. Thank you, Charlotte."

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